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Back in the dim and distant past, ie last April, we had our yearly fleet AGM, and as a result I once again find myself graced with the title of 'Fleet Captain'. This is a vital and inspiring role which can keep the lucky candidate busy during (say) a period of enforced absence from sailing due to having a broken wrist. Bob Morris and Paul Roe were also elected, so be nice to them too.

Shortly after this, at the beginning of the season misleadingly called 'summer', thirteen boats turned out for our usual Firebowl event. This was mostly windy and entirely excellent, and Bob and Paul won the thing in fine style and have had their handicap suitably enhanced as a result.

Three Draycote boats attended the 50th Anniversary Nationals at Penzance, and Badders and JR came out as top of the pile with a highly creditable 17th place overall. Next year the nationals is at Looe, which (unusually for Fireball events) is a very nice place to park your nearest and dearest while you go sailing, and coincidentally also boasts an unprepossessing shed called "Dave's Diner" which serves the best chips in the entire world.

Back at the club, September brought us the Marriott Bucket event, day 1 of which offered us some very good sailing in a decent amount of wind, with sunshine and everything. All three races were won by different boats, but consistency paid off for Helen and Paul, who will get the trophy - if we can find it.

We hosted the Fireball Inland Championships in October, and although the weather wasn't very kind to us, it was surprisingly good fun. The turnout was a healthy 39 boats, and Draycote guys and gals won a number of prizes, which made a nice change. The Inlands is due to return here next year, on the 12th/13th of October 2013.

Our year-long Sunday race series have concluded for 2012, with results as follows:


Early Bird Trophy:

1st Gold fleet - Mo & Holly

2nd Gold fleet Me & Paul

1st Silver fleet - Jane & Pat

2nd Silver fleet Gordon & (various)

Winship Cup:

1st Gold fleet Me & Paul

2nd Gold fleet Mo & Holly

1st Silver fleet Gordon & (various)

2nd Silver fleet Paul & Nick


Looking ahead, the racing continues through the winter months for those of us who don't mind a bit of cold and haven't injured ourselves, and we still have a couple of decent crews available to those of you who have misplaced or damaged your own. And if any non-Fireball sailors should happen to be reading this bit and are wondering how they might dip a toe into the waters, there is also the newly commissioned fleet Fireball on hand, available to all-comers, complete with help to rig it and sailing advice if required.

Yes, we really have thought of everything.

Merry Christmas, and a very Firebally New Year to one and all.

Mike Deane

Fireball 14778