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Prompted by all those requests on the UKFA discussion forum which start 'How do I rig a ...... on my boat' and never get answered.

Nothing is ever finished, and this part of the site is still under development. Requests for more info on any Firebally subject should be addressed to the Webmaster.


Boats with chutes   Boats with chutes and pump up / down systems   Boats with bags   The bits common to both   The Pole


The Strut   The Kicker   The Slot Gasket

Ed Bremner's Varnishing Pages (at the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association website www.cvrda.org


Some of the more recent fleet newsletters for those of you who didn't read them first time around or who moved house 5 years ago and never bothered to tell us your new address.

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The Useful Tips pages for those of you who need help rigging, sailing, staying upright etc. Written for idiots by idiots.

Useful Tips 0

Useful Tips 1

Useful Tips 2

Useful Capsizing Tips

And finally, some words from an earlier fleet captain on how to build a strong fleet. This page was hidden on the website for years, but has now come out of the closet.

The Hidden Page