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Firebowl personal handicap event event

13th May 2018

Marriott Bucket personal handicap event

23rd September 2018

Fleet Championships Day 1

21st October 2018

Fleet Championships Day 2

25th November 2018





2017-18 Winter series, AM and PM races, ends

18th March 2018

Summer series, AM and PM races

25th March - 21st October 2018

Wednesday evening racing

4th April to 5th September 2018

2018-19 Winter series, AM and PM races, starts

28th October 2018



Fireball Inlands

13th & 14th October 2018

Get Racing coached by Fireball fleet

3rd June 2018

Fleet AGM and prize-giving

25th March after sailing (3:30pm-ish)





Sailing Instructions for fleet events are defined by the standard DWSC sailing instructions, amended as follows:


  • The series will be a number of races as defined by the fleet calendar.
  • Registration is not required.
  • No briefing will be required.
  • Scoring will be in accordance with the RRS low-point system A2, races to count will be defined by the fleet exec.
  • Schedule may be changed to suit prevailing conditions.
  • Certain 'Silver Fleet' boats may be awarded a 3 minute headstart by the fleet exec for certain race series
  • In the event of wind speed under 5 mph or over 20 mph, 30 minutes before the start of each race, the Fireball Fleet exec may choose to abandon that race or days races, and reschedule to the next most suitable date.