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The DWSC Fireball fleet has been saving up its pocket money for many years now, with a view to buying itself something nice. After some thought, we decided that the nicest thing we could do would be to encourage other Fireball sailors to join us. So we are offering to pay the joining fees of up to 10 new members who join Draycote to sail a Fireball here.

To take advantage of this offer, you have to be a non-member who subsequently joins DWSC with a Fireball.  We will pay the joining fees (which are charged by the club) of up to two people per incoming Fireball - helm and/or crew. With the current joining fee being 50 per person, this could result in a saving of up to 100 for a helm and crew combined.

We appreciate that it's not going to make a massive difference to the economic argument for sailing a Fireball here, but we'd like to think it will help.

If you need further incentives, consider that Draycote is home to one of the largest fleets of Fireballs in the country, with over 20 boats here already at the time of writing (April 2015).  We have over 650 acres of uninterrupted water, offering the potential for a 3-sail reach of up to 1 mile in length.  Our boats are a wide range of wood, composite and white Winders, and our members cover pretty much the full spectrum of sailing talent (and lack of).  We race mostly on Sundays, and you get the opportunity to take part in 4 races per day if you're up to it - most of us just do the 2 'long' races of about an hour each in the morning and afternoon.

We are also happy to offer advice on sailing and setting up the boat, and there's usually somebody handy with a rig-tension gauge and a toolbox if you need help.

Sailing is a very sociable sport, and it's far better done in the company of as many like minded people as possible.  We would love to welcome you to the club if you'd like to come and sample it for yourself.

The 'small print' - Terms and  Conditions of offer

Draycote Water Fireball Fleet (The Fleet) offers to pay the joining fee of new members of Draycote Water Sailing Club (The Club), on the following terms:

A 'Joining Fee' is defined as the one-off charge made by the club to new members on first joining, currently 50

To be  eligible for this offer, the new member(s) must register a Fireball at The Club at the time of joining.

A maximum of 2 joining fees will be paid per Fireball registered.

A maximum of 10 joining fees will be paid by The Fleet over the duration of this scheme. 

The scheme begins on the 1st of April 2015.  When the 10th fee is paid, the scheme will end.

The joining fees will be paid by The Fleet direct to The Club.

This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer made by The Fleet or The Club.

In the event of dispute, the decision of The Fleet committee is final.