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Bit of an odd winter really, we expect the windy days, but more often than not we've had flat calm. As a result the Winter Super Series never really hit its stride. At time of writing however it has attracted 20 boats including an ex world champion, and the top three places are not yet decided. Also a 19 year old boat has just won a race, beating the 17 year old item which usually wins and the brand new one which usually doesn't. So there's still good reason to compete, and further proof (if any were needed) that you don't need a big cheque book to do well in this fleet.


The Fleet Christmas meal and prizegiving was, as usual, an excellent evening with food, prizes, alcohol, the 'directors cut' of that Firebowl video on the big screen, and a disco for anyone not too fat / drunk / intelligent to boogie. Many thanks to everyone involved.


For your amusement in the coming year, we have the following:


23rd March Fleet AGM

12th/13th April UKFA training weekend

19th April Social evening

20th April Firebowl personal handicap races 1,2 & 3

11th May Firebowl personal handicap races 4,5 & 6

8th June  Inter-fleet championships

31st August Marriott Bucket personal handicap races 1,2 & 3

6th September Social evening

14th September Marriott Bucket personal handicap races 4,5 & 6

20th/21st Sept. Miracle Inlands (we run this event)

28th September Fleet championships races 1,2 & 3

19th October Fleet championships races 4,5 & 6

1st / 2nd Nov. DWSC Fireball Open meeting

23rd November Fleet championships races 7 & 8

13th December Christmas meal / prizegiving


And on Sundays and Wednesday evenings when all that stuff isn't happening, we have the trophy series:

Sunday AM Hancocks Early Bird - 30th March to 26th October

Sunday PM Winship Cup - 30th March to 26th October

Sunday late PM Summer 72 series - 30th March to 12th October

Wednesday eve Silver Salver - 2nd April to 18th June

Wednesday eve Sunset Trophy - 25th June to 10th September


Now look, that's a LOT of stuff. There's even A and B fleet categories within most of those events, so total incompetence need be no barrier to doing well. If you don't have a Fireball and your idea of good sailing is to turn up, sail round in splendid isolation and go home again, frankly you're missing out. What we're offering here is the chance to elevate your involvement to the point where it becomes reasonable grounds for divorce. It's eco-friendly since you don't have to drag your boat round the country, and you can be assured of a small crowd of other Fireballers to welcome you every time you turn up, even if there's no wind. The cost: 400 upwards for the boat, and the loss of every Sunday for the rest of your life. Come and talk to us, have a go in a boat, and make 2008 the year that you really got into sailing.


You know it makes sense.




Mike Deane FB14778