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So picking up seamlessly where we left off back in 2008 partway through the fleet championships, and after a promising start the Peter Wood/Mike Pratt challenge went pear-shaped on the last day and they were forced to settle for 2nd place overall. Martyn and Richard predictably bagged 1st prize, leaving 3rd place for yours truly and Paul D. In the Silver Fleet, Helen and Paul R were 1st with Bob and Paul B 2nd. The raw results don't do justice to the amount of effort, stress, tactics and place-changing that went on in some of those races; all things considered I'm glad it only happens once a year.

Then came the open meeting, which was cold and windy, and mostly notable only for the fact that I caused a lot of damage…

Moving on quickly, next up was the Christmas Party / Prizegiving evening, and our chef Daryl excelled himself on the food front. Not to be outdone, MC Paul assembled a veritable Aladdin's cave of alcohol and shiny things as prizes, and had apparently already started to consume his some hours before the rest of us arrived. Much merriment ensued, and better yet, the disco failed to arrive. So, stuffed with food and surrounded by bottles, we were able to talk to each other in a relaxed and civilised manner long into the night instead of enduring the usual arrangement of shouting 'Pardon' at each other for half an hour before going home. An excellent evening!

Back at the sailing, and a Fireball won the 2008 Club Championship, although modesty forbids me to mention exactly which one it was. Martyn and Richard won the Winter Super Series, and Colin & Karen won the other one (the less super, more ordinary Winter Series). Well done to all concerned, if only for being hardy enough to turn up and sail in some of the sub-zero conditions we experienced.

Ho! for Summer then, and for your delight this year we have:

19th Apr The Firebowl personal handicap event races 1,2 & 3.

10th May Firebowl event races 4,5 & 6.

21st Jun The Inter-Fleet Championships, all welcome

11th & 12th Jul The UKFA training weekend

5th Sept  Fleet social, details on the website

6th Sept  Marriott Bucket personal handicap event races 1,2, & 3

20th Sept  Marriott Bucket personal handicap event races 4, 5 & 6

4th Oct Fleet Championships races 1,2 & 3

25th Oct Fleet Championships races 4,5 & 6

31st Oct, 1st Nov Open meeting / Inland championships

29th Nov Fleet Championships races 7 & 8

12th Dec Christmas Dinner & Prizegiving evening


The personal handicap events are the usual one-foot-on-the-floor beach start exercises where anyone except the hotshots can win. And don't forget that all the Sunday and Wednesday evening races throughout the year are part of a series, so no excuses for not doing 'em.

Finally, if you want to join in with possibly the least serious but most active fleet in the club, drop me a line.