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So here we are again, and after the worst winter for about 20 years, the Fireball fleet has now emerged from enforced hibernation and is once more wagging its bushy tail and doing what it does best, ie racing around the pond in a haphazard and none too serious manner like a demented Red Setter. And while the harsh winter and economic climate have taken their toll on the number of boats in the boatpark, it's notable that everyone who sailed regularly in 2010 is back again for some more fun this year.

In fact we have picked up two new boats over the winter and a full complement of people to go with them. A big welcome then to Pete and David in 15016, and Paul and Julia in 14876. I'm sure we'll all do our best to help them all to get the best out of their boats, although Pete, aided by Serena, is already going far too fast for my liking and probably needs some help to slow him down a bit.

Although the winter was absolutely and unremittingly rubbish for sailing, we have managed a few small successes. Firstly the fleet Christmas meal and prize-giving evening, which turned out to be a very enjoyable evening in spite of being a bit of a trial to organise. Thanks to Helen and Paul for doing the necessary to make that happen. And then, in the first flush of the windless spring season, we tried a day of windless windward-leeward racing. I think we all learned something from this, if only that W/L courses are a bit rubbish when there's no wind.

At the fleet AGM, Richard Botting kindly agreed to serve another year as fleet captain. Richard doesn't own a Fireball but is an enthusiastic 'floating crew' for the Fireball fleet. Indeed, he can frequently be seen enthusiastically floating near an upturned Fireball. Speaking as one who has been a fleet captain and supported a lot of others, I can tell you that fleet captains do a lot of work and don't get nearly enough thanks for it. Feel free to change that arrangement wherever and whenever possible.

So back to the future then, and for your delight this year we have:


  • Every Sunday until October:
  • race 1 The Hancock's Early Bird trophy series
  • race 2 The Winship Cup trophy series
  • race 3 The Summer 72 trophy series
  • Every Wednesday evening The Silver Salver trophy series
  • 8th and 22nd May The Firebowl personal handicap event, the usual not too serious mini-series with beach starts.
  • 17th and 18th September The DWSC Fireball open meeting
  • 24th September Fleet social evening
  • 2nd and 16th October The Marriott Bucket personal handicap event
  • October-ish (TBA) The Fleet Championships and the start of the Winter race series

  • You can find more details about all of this stuff and the race results at our website, www.draycotewater.co.uk/fleets/fireball


    It is of course possible that you don't have a Fireball, and are even now asking yourself how you can correct this gaping void in your lifestyle. Just come along and say hello on any Sunday, we'd be very pleased to help you