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"Write summat for the Fireballs, Mike!", they said, perhaps unaware that Not A Lot Has Happened since the last bulletin, and most of what did happen had mud on it. Thankfully the water level has recovered considerably in the past few weeks, although it is notable that the Fireball proved to be quite adept at dealing with low water in any case – centerboards and lifting rudders being far more forgiving than the alternatives when you hit the shallow bits at speed.


The fleet championships were run during said period when the tide was out, and turned out to be an epic battle between me + Paul and Peter + Mike. Four initial tacking and covering match races failed to resolve the event, which finally culminated in race 5 with a dead run with spinnakers up through the islands in a F5. One boat on port, one on starboard, an involuntary gybe and a capsize finally sealed the event – results on our website.


The Winter Series was the only other event held during the chilly months, another epic battle, this time fronted up by Mo + Holly and Colin + Karen. Both teams scored 13 points overall and the trophy went to Mo & Holly, winning on countback after taking the last race of the series. Bob + Paul were 3rd. Results…website…etc.

Mo & Holly demonstrating how it's done


Further afield, Martyn and Richard went on a little jaunt to the World Championships in Australia and ended up 7th, which we thought pretty impressive. The DWSC trickle-down effect then delivered their boat into the hands of Colin and Karen, possibly with a view to getting an edge in the Winter Series next year.


The fleet website has had a make-over for 2012 to match the loveliness of the club pages, and the 2012 calendar is now on there as well. The first event for your amusement is the ever popular Firebowl event on May 13th and 27th. If you only do one event this year, this is the one to go for, a not-too-serious personal handicap pursuit race, started from the shore, that literally anyone can win (and usually does).

There are still a number of people who haven't come out of hibernation yet, but we've already seen 12 boats out on one day recently, so there's plenty of potential for good close racing in a big fleet, ie exactly what we're here for. And it can only get better as the weather gets nicer.


The fleet will be under new management by the time you read this, so now is a good time to say thanks to Richard Botting and committee for all their hard work over the past few years, and to welcome the new Fleet Captain and committee, whoever that may be. You are all much appreciated.


And while we're welcoming people, a big hello to David Betts and family who have just acquired their first Fireball. We look forward to seeing them out there on the start-line in the rain with the rest of us.


Good sailing.


Mike Deane – FB 14778