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Summer 2002 was fantastic. Every Sunday and nearly every Wednesday evening provided us with wind and sunshine, and the sailing here at Draycote has been excellent. David Hope took these pictures on June 30th, and we liked them so much we paid real money for them.

This is the start of the race - 13 boats on the line but only 10 made it into the shot. It has no bearing on the rest of the pictures and has made it in purely because it shows yours truly making the best start.


We're still in the lead, but Pete and Sue (14630) are close and the rest of the fleet not far behind either. We had a few anxious moments working out where the Solo was going, but made it round OL with no trouble.


That Solo's still there. Pete and Sue give him plenty of room to round the mark before they bear away....


and hit him, then luff up and capsize. He wasn't going round OL, was he ?  He was sailing ashore to retire.


And he's not going to let a few Fireballs get in his way, so he carries on and sails over Pete's rig. You have to laugh, don't you ?


Well we did :-)

And Sue's legs ?

Look at the 4th picture in the sequence, where Pete is just capsizing. Where's Sue ?

I'll give you a clue. She's gone in the water in front of the jib and just to the right of the Solo sailor.

No, I don't know where she is in the 5th picture, probably still coming back up again.


(No Fireball or Solo sailors were harmed in the making of this production)