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500 word limit apparently, so got to be brief. Helen signed up to be fleet captain again at the AGM and the rest of the committee pretty much stayed same as last year. Have forgotten who they are, but doubtless all working away madly on your behalf as usual, so be grateful.


March, sunny plus fleet social evening, all the usual suspects went for Indian meal somewhere in darkest Rugby, followed by chance to either party on through the night or go home to sleep it off. Still no casualties, so doing something similar again soon.


May brought rain and the UKFA training mob, who went through all that important 4th corner tuning stuff that they told us about last year and the year before. One of these days we'll get the hang of it and they can stop coming. Until then, it's still the most useful info you're likely to get.


June brought more rain and the Firebowl personal handicap event, where the boats start from the shore at varying intervals, slow boats first and hotshots last. Exact times are calculated by computer using arcane algorithm based on how good the boats, helms and crews are and how nice they've been to me recently. Day 1 was light-n-fluffy, so we expected lightweight James to walk off with the honours, but for some reason he was overtaken by lots of lardy blokes. In the end, top bananas were Paul "I've never helmed a Fireball before" Roe and Mike Shreeve, with Mike stealing the honours from Paul on the line in the last race. Jane and Pat also impressive, ending the day in third place overall. Day 2, also light-n-fluffy, Paul stayed at home and Mike won the morning race and with it the series. The wind dropped for 2nd race, leaders Pete and Jane Muggleton had a 'discussion' as to which end of the line to go and were pipped by James Wood. Yes, you should have gybed, guys….


We eventually got the farewell gifts to Miles Thomas a mere 8 months after he left, and apparently he liked them a lot. New members Adam and Sarah have bought 'Doris', so a big welcome to them. If anyone else wants to join the mayhem, we've got a range of decent 'balls on sale at the club including a fibreglass item at £500, a nice Severn roughly £1700 and  a composite wide-bow at £2,500. All could (and should) be raced, and all represent an enormous amount of boat for your money. Come on down and talk to Helen, Bob, Mikey or anyone else to find out more about the boats, have a go and maybe join the most active fleet in the club.


Forthcoming events are as follows:


8th September Another fleet social evening

9th September Marriott Bucket day 1

23rd Sept. Marriott Bucket day 2

30th Sept. Fleet championships day 1

13th & 14th Oct. Fireball Open & Inland championships

28th Oct.  Fleet championships day 2

11th Nov. Fleet championships day 3

8th Dec.  Fleet meal & prizegiving


Mike Deane – FB14778